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About Atec
Fire & Security

Security Experts, Intruder Alarms, Fire Detection, CCTV

Fire and Security Services

A fire and security system is often your first level of protection against threats to your home or business; it is vitally important that this system is working at its optimum constantly. We understand the importance of this system and will always endeavour to install and maintain your system to meet insurance and health and safety requirements.

Intruder Alarms & CCTV

Protecting the contents of your property is vital for your business’ success, or just common sense for your home security. Statistics prove that properties overtly showing CCTV or an Alarm System are much less likely to be targeted by criminal activity. We will help analyse your environment to advise on the best way to install modern security systems.

Fire Detection

Fire Detection is essential for any property or premise where people live or work. Ensuring this system is well fitted and in the right place is vital to the safety of the buildings occupants. Our highly experienced professionals can help install your new fire detection system and revisit to ensure it is functionally flawless at all times.


When you come to us for a new fire and security system, we will consult with you to identify your exact needs and requirements. This helps us form an idea of the best options available to you and can propose the best way to implement a new security system.


After a consultation we will often visit your property to fully assess the environment and identify whether our proposed solutions will be effective in providing you with the level of security you require.

Service and Maintenance

Installing security systems is only the first step in providing efficient protection to occupants and residents; you must ensure the system is well looked after and maintained. We can attend your premise to service any security system to fix any issues you may experience, or as part of an agreed maintenance package.

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